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HubSpot's free website grader makes understanding website performance easy. The hardest part of building a site is often the guesswork. Which changes are important, and which aren’t? It can sometimes feel impossible to tell. Our online grader demystifies the whole process. Learn about your page performance, security, search engine optimization (SEO), and mobile experience. Discover what makes your site strong and uncover new opportunities for the future.

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Questions You Might Ponder

What is a website checker?

A website checker is like a quick health check for your site, showing you how well it's doing. A solid website checker will look at different things to give you a full picture of how your site stacks up, including safety, how it works on phones, and how easy it is for people to find it on Google.

Why is website performance important?

Speed is super important because it makes users happy. When people click on something and it works right away, like logging in or getting a "yes" back, they stick around. This quickness is what we call website speed. Google and other search engines look at how fast your site is and how it interacts with users to decide if it's good enough to show up in search results. So, making your site faster isn't just about giving users a better time on your site; it also helps your site get noticed by search engines. It's a win-win situation.

How to optimize a website for SEO?

To make your site better for SEO, there are some real steps you can follow. First up, make sure search engines can see your pages - that's key. Also, don't forget to fill in those alt-tags and meta-data; they're important. Want to do even more? Make sure your links say exactly what they're about and use the right content tools. Wondering where to begin? Checking your site's SEO score is a solid first move. Good news - HubSpot's website grader can do an SEO check for you!

Why is Website grading important?

Checking how your site's doing is super important because it helps you make your site smarter and keep it healthy. These tools that test your site show you how the changes you're making are working out and point out new chances to get better. They also let you peek at what your competition is up to and figure out their game plan. Getting into the techy details and looking at your site as a whole are both big deals. Doing this stuff helps your site rock in search results and more!