How we create websites 1

How We Create Websites

An easy to follow process supporting your journey

Behold the wizardry behind our web creation process – no magic wands or incantations, just pure skill and a touch of humor.

Here's how we transform your online presence from a pumpkin into a carriage.


How we create websites Briefing The Ice Breaker 2

Briefing: The Ice Breaker

We kick off our camaraderie with a get-to-know-you sesh – be it at a location of your convenience, or a spellbinding online meeting. Post the chit-chat; we dive into a magical interrogation of your needs and goals. The outcome? A bespoke offer crafted faster than you can say "presto!"

Foundational Blueprint

How we create websites Foundational Blueprint Planning the Web Fortress 3

Foundational Blueprint: Planning the Web Fortress

Imagine a website as a tapestry of information, each thread woven with purpose – to charm customers and bewitch your market rivals. We conjure the architecture of your site, crafting a network of content that doesn’t just sell or rank – it dazzles.

UX Design

How we create websites UX Design Crafting the Users Spellbook 4

UX Design: Crafting the User's Spellbook

User-friendly isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our mantra. With a cauldron of experience and user behavior analytics, we plot out a user journey so smooth, they won’t need a map or breadcrumbs to navigate. And for our Google overlords? Content that’s as tasty as a gingerbread house.


How we create websites Copywriting The Scrolls of Persuasion 5

Copywriting: The Scrolls of Persuasion

Content is the crown jewel of your kingdom. It’s the voice that sings your praises on Google’s vast stage, luring customers with its siren song. Before our digital paintbrushes touch the canvas, we craft words that sell, charm, and enchant – all steeped in the potent potion of SEO.

Web Graphics Design

How we create websites Web Design Concocting a Visual 6

Web Graphics Design: Concocting a Visual Elixir

Good design isn’t just eye-candy; it’s the spell that keeps visitors scrolling. In our design den, we make sure your website is a seamless extension of your brand’s essence – as unique as a unicorn in a field of horses.

Frontend Web Development

How we create websites Frontend Web Development Weaving the Digital Fabric 7

Frontend Web Development: Weaving the Digital Fabric

After the design alchemy, we stitch together a functional tapestry – a website that adapts like a chameleon to desktops and devices alike. And while unseen to the mortal eye, our code is as standardized and cutting-edge as a knight’s shining armor.

Backend Web Development

How we create websites Backend Web Development Summoning the Content Golem 8

Backend Web Development: Summoning the Content Golem

WordPress isn’t just a tool; it’s an enchanter’s playground. From small digital fiefdoms to bustling e-commerce metropolises, we wield WordPress to empower your site with a custom-made control panel, all with barely a plugin in sight.

Final Programming Tasks

How we create websites Final Programming Spells Testing and Technical Charms 9

Final Programming Spells: Testing and Technical Charms

We put your site through a gauntlet of trials, ensuring it emerges swift (loading in under two seconds), responsive, and as powerful as a dragon’s roar, meeting Core Web Vitalis and scoring green in the Google Page Speed Insight gauntlet.


How we create websites SEO The Visibility Enchantment 10

SEO: The Visibility Enchantment

The cornerstone of any quest for digital glory. A site finely tuned to Google’s whims is like a map to the treasure – we consider over 150 mystical factors that please the search engine deities.


How we create websites Foundational Blueprint Planning the Web Fortress 3

Go-live: The Grand Unveiling

The curtain rises, and your site debuts on your domain. We ensure all is secure and running like a well-oiled catapult – forms, metadata, and social sharing all in check.


How we create websites Support The Aftercare Potion 12

Support: The Aftercare Potion

Our fellowship doesn't end at launch. Every noble partner in our realm receives free training in the art of content management, a year of updates, and a support charm. Rest assured, we’re always on standby for queries, calamities, or just a good old consultation.

So if you're ready to have a website that’s more legendary than a griffin in flight, give us a holler. Let’s craft a digital realm that’s truly spellbinding!

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