Outsourcing IT

Do you need a team with specific skills for a project, ready to face the biggest technological challenges, or do you rather need one consultant/programmer for a certain number of hours ?
Our clients benefit from the experience and knowledge gained by members of our Team while performing tasks related to effective modern technologies implementation.
Our team specializes in regulatory consulting, IT implementation projects and outsourcing of IT professionals in areas such as: risk models in banking, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), big data and business analytics, as well as in website development and customized IT solutions based on modern programming languages.
In our Team you will find among others: risk modelers, regulatory and reporting experts, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data enthusiasts/practitioners, business analysts, solution architects, developers, web designers, database administrators.

Your effects, our services

Clients, entrusting us with the implementation of both simple and ambitious projects, always obtain the planned results and services of the highest quality. We believe that the sustainable development of our Team and the increase of its competence are one of the key areas of our competitive advantage on the market.
We base our recruitment process primarily on references. We employ and retain the best, experienced consultants. Thanks to that our services allow our Clients to succeed.
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What can you expect ?


Measurable success by engaging BiViSee

Measurable success by engaigng BiViSee  is based on the highest competencies of our Team that is based by client focus, personal approach and flexibility during our cooperation.

Our ideas and energy

Our ideas and energy implies from key elements of our company culture: openess and responsability, client focus  and results focus.

Cooperation with BiViSee

Cooperation with BiViSee means your investment security, engagement with  fixed team members and first class know-how - because we love, what we do.

Our Team Memebers

Your project success

Where do you need help ?
Project Managers - manage projects for our clients ...no surprise here ;-)
Solution Architects - industry experts who understand the specifics of the industry and are able to plan an effective solution architecture that is consistent with the Client's strategy for developing functionality within the company
Business Analysts / Functional Consultants - experts in business processes specific to the industry in which the client operates, at the same time familiar with the modules of the solution to be implemented
Programmers/Technical Consultants - experts familiar with various application development environments, languages and methodologies
System and database administrators - their task is to design, install, configure and manage applications and database environments as part of implementation projects
Thanks to this structure of the Team we successfully implement IT projects related to the business processes of our Clients.


What you can hear about us
"One of those unique individuals with vision & passion to create something new for the benefit of others. He is an expert on key account management and sales team management. He is one of those guys who are really target oriented with huge self motivation."
Owner, Software development company
"He demonstrates professional approach, accompanied with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. I esteem a lot Marcin’s working attitude."
Manager, Consulting company
"A very committed person, always prepared in the due diligence and deliver on his promises. Marcin is also very concrete and personal in the way he approach the colleagues, acts and deliver values."
Manager, Software company
"In my time working with Marcin on a complex very large opportunity, he demonstrated an excellent understanding of the buying psychology of the customer, anticipating their wants and questions, and enabling us to be prepared for this. Additionally, he managed a tricky partnering situation through to successful outcome."
Manager, Consulting company


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