Digital Marketing, B2B Sales Excellence and IT Solutions for Startups and Enterprises: Empowering Your Digital Growth - Also in Difficult Times
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Crafting Visually Stunning and Functional Graphic Designs

Elevate your online impact with custom graphic designs crafted for your distinct requirements. Ditch the ordinary templates and adopt a personalized strategy to elevate your content structure and display your products through captivating layouts. Shine in the digital landscape with designs that blend aesthetics and functionality, aligning seamlessly with your brand's essence.

  • Tailored Web Design: Beyond Standard Templates

  • Modern Trends in Digital Aesthetics for Your Brand

  • Showcasing Your Products with Artistic Excellence


Creating Customized Websites for Business Success

Unleash your business's potential with a website tailored to your unique needs, be it a sleek one-pager, a robust business platform, or a sophisticated web app. Empower your online presence with a professional site that not only showcases but actively promotes your offerings. Whether you have a specific design or just an idea, bring it to life, and witness your customized digital space seamlessly align with your business objectives.

  • Tailored Web Design for Unique Brand Representation

  • Responsive and User-Friendly Website Development

  • E-commerce Solutions for Enhanced Online Sales


Maximizing Online Visibility with Our Digital Marketing Expertise

In a competitive market, ensure visibility with expert digital marketing. Enhance Google ranking through SEO audits, precise keywords, and Google Ads. Maximize visibility and connect with ideal customers using sponsored links, search network ads, and remarketing. Boost your website's presence for success.

  • Comprehensive SEO Audits for Enhanced Online Presence

  • Competitive Analysis and Targeted Marketing Strategies

  • Effective Google Ads Campaigns for Immediate Impact


Ensuring Seamless Website Performance with Comprehensive Maintenance

Running a business demands constant effort, and a smoothly performing website is crucial. Take charge with comprehensive maintenance prioritizing security, regular updates, and backups. Rely on rapid, reliable support for issue resolution and data protection. Empower your business goals with a dependable website and unwavering support.

  • Proactive Website Support for Continuous Business Operations

  • Advanced Security Measures: Regular Backups and Updates

  • Safeguarding Your Data for Uncompromised Confidentiality


Expert IT Outsourcing and Software Development Services

For software project challenges or a dedicated IT team, you hold the key. Engage skilled programmers, developers, analysts, testers, and architects, led by experienced leaders. Save up to 70% compared to traditional hiring. Benefit from white-label services with non-disclosure agreements for seamless integration, regardless of your time zone. Transform IT challenges into successes today.

  • Rescuing and Revitalizing Struggling Software Projects

  • Dedicated IT Specialists for Sustained Support

  • Cost-Effective Software Development Solutions


Enhancing B2B Sales Efficiency with Proven Strategies

Boost B2B sales efficiency, whether you're scaling a startup or leading a corporation. Collaborate to refine sales strategies and integrate a digital customer journey. Navigate the digital landscape, aligning tactics with business goals. Elevate your B2B sales with tailored solutions.

  • Optimizing B2B Sales Processes for Maximum Efficiency

  • Integrating Digital Customer Journeys for Better Engagement

  • Collaborative Approach to Sales Strategy Development

There is no success without effort
We offer effective
solutions rather
than the easiest
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There is no success without effort
We offer effective
solutions rather
than the easiest
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Act. Now.
Commitment is just two things: decision and action. You've already decided to take a look at our website, learn about what we can do for you, and get to that point.

Therefore, if you are not our competition watching what is offered by market leaders like us... now it's time to take action. Set up a call with us!

First, we'll find the biggest risks and holes in your digital world sales process. Sales cycles don't shorten at all, and the longer you're stuck in your current way of selling, the longer it will take you to build the business you dream of?

Or maybe you'll never even get the chance to build it... ? The cost of programmers, the cost of online presence are hard to tame ? Companies with such challenges are calling us. We will help. Set up a call with us as well! 
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Effectiveness - your priority
Your target market deserves to buy your product or service. Therefore, don't let it to decide on your competitor's weak solution only because your business effectiveness hardly matches budgets constrains.

Don't let your customers continue to be stuck with the problems of today's solutions. Realize that every day of delay in initiating change is a lost opportunity.

Plus, you're on a path to grow your business and you need to stay focused. All of this makes efficiency - your priority. That's what link us with each other.
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After all, you know that the companies you want to outperform, to beat - they want to be efficient as well. What's more, they are working on it right now, as you are reading these words. Do you realize that your competitors are actively selling at this moment ?

Being effective in digital marketing and B2B sales, using IT experts, startups get investors and grow, and larger companies grow market share faster.

Digital marketing and B2B sales in a startup and larger company can be effective. Efficiency in engaging IT specialists is within your reach. You can make a difference in digital marketing, sales effectiveness and IT efficiency.
Everything is in your hands
Act now !
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What you can hear about us
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"One of those unique individuals with vision & passion to create something new for the benefit of others. He is an expert on key account management and sales team management. He is one of those guys who are really target oriented with huge self motivation."
Owner, Software development company
"He demonstrates professional approach, accompanied with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. I esteem a lot Marcin’s working attitude."
Manager, Consulting company
"A very committed person, always prepared in the due diligence and deliver on his promises. Marcin is also very concrete and personal in the way he approach the colleagues, acts and deliver values."
Manager, Software company
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